Garmin 305 Edge: Essential training tool or just a neat gadget?

Here is the ultimate gadget for all the geeks out there who love to cycle. While the 305 Edge may not be the latest offering from Garmin but it is still a great tool for optimising your training. With the introduction of the 705 Edge the price of these devices has really come down, I’ve found them on GeoManGear for under $US275.

My biggest gripe about the device is the software that is bundled with it. I think it is a fact recognised by Garmin by the fact that it bundles third party software offers in the box. My biggest warning about the “Training Center” software that is supplied with the unit is that it will only load if the device is connected via the USB cable. The problem I have with this, is if the unit ever fails that’s it! You’ve lost access to your data.

It does all the usual things a cycling computer does plus it is a GPS, heart monitor and it has an altimeter. The display panel is fully configurable so you display a ride variety of data and in different sizes to suit in the information you require. This include, speed, cadence, current gradient, current direction, sunrise, time and much more.

Here are some screen dumps from my new toy.

Here is the gradient and elevation with the map, note the blue point on the map represents the point on the graph.

The same graph just expanded

Here is the elevation of Mt Ainslie when I set the lap counter going

Now with speed and heart rate as well

And here is a snapshot of what it looks like in Google earth; each white square represents a data point.

Finally, the all important data

Cool toy huh?



  1. GeoMan says:

    Thanks for the post! I’ve ridden with the Edge for over 3 years (400+ rides logged) and it/they have been integral to my training and fitness improvement. Appreciate the mention. Jay, GeoMan

  2. wait, so this has both gps and measures your heart rate? how?

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