PayPal woes

I know this isn’t a cycling article but I would like to share my PayPal woes and warn others

I recently sold something on eBay and the transaction was paid for through PayPal. The transaction has now been disputed. Now I have no issues with the transaction being disputed except that the buyer does not have to provide any evidence that the goods were not received.

I was able to provide evidence to PayPal showing that I had paid for the postage and given I posted 2 other items that day for eBay sales it would seem a little ridiculous that I wouldn’t have sent the third.

But here is the kicker, PayPal have now requested information from me that cannot be provided. They have asked me for proof that parcel was delivered. The parcel was sent regular mail as advertised. Anyway I took the drastic action of phoning PayPal at 2000h 10/03/10 to discuss this and the customer rep admitted  that the requested information cannot be provided, yet without this information they will find against me. The rep also admitted they are trying to resolve the situation with Australia post, so they are aware of the issue but are still willing to use it against me.

So how can they request information from me which cannot be provided and then use the fact that it cannot be provided against me?


Also here is a screen shot from my PayPal account. What’s wrong with this picture? Well you’ll notice they have already closed the case and yet the “requiring your action” box is highlighted. So even if I could produce this evidence it doesn’t matter they have already made their decision and closed the case.

So good luck with PayPal and eBay I wont be using them again.

For the record I have already reported them to the financial ombudsman. I doubt anything will come of it but at least there will another official complaint recorded against their name.


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