The Amy Gillet Foundation

Safety on the roads is always a concern for cyclists. Most cyclists whether they be elite professional or just your every day commuter has probably had the unenviable experience of having a run in with a “cager”. For the uninitiated a “cager” is one of those sometimes not so friendly motor vehicle drivers. Regardless of who is wrong or right it is usually the cyclist who comes off second best.

The Amy Gillett Foundation as part of one of its objectives is to help reduce the number of cyclist injured every year by promoting a harmonious relationships between cyclists and motorists through better awareness.

The foundation was named after Amy Gillett who was one of Australia’s leading female cyclist who was killed after an accident near Zeulenroda, Germany on 18 July 2005 when an 18 year old learner driver lost control of her car and ran into her training squad.


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