Frank Papp Memorial Road Race at Somerset

Date: July 21, 2018

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Start time for volunteers 11:00am
Sign on starts: 11:15am
Racing starts at 12:00pm
Approximate finish time 4:00pm

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What Name Preferred TaskComment
What Name Preferred TaskComment
Volunteers #1: Sue YapNo preferenceHi Mark, I\'m a newbie and will need advice needs doing. I\\\'m learning and I\\\'m Tsen Ren Bao aunt.
#2: Bill RipperCorner MarshalHi Mark, I'm signing in for my husband and we'll be helping out on that day.
#3: Colin HowkinsCorner MarshalCan be lead vehicle with my van - same as last year
#4: Ian JohnstonNo preference
#5: Lorraine Rushton-KrauseNo preference
#6: Shaun KrauseNo preference
#7: Helen YoungSign-onI'll do this for Ron Young.