My New Project – Restoration of a PDM Concorde team bike 1988

30/7/2011 Update: Well after 3 years of saying I was going to do this, today I started work on the bike by striping it down so I can get the frame resprayed and chromed. I found a person who can recreate the original decals, more information on that once I have the decals under way.


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The rebuilding of my pride and joy a  PDM team bike used in the 1988 Tour de France

As this project progresses I’ll have some more details but here is the bike in its current condition.


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  1. Peter Metcalfe says:

    Looks good Mark you should ride it to work

  2. carla waugh says:

    I aslo will soon have a PDM Concord like yours it used to belong to a friend. I think they are really pretty bikes.

  3. Emiel says:

    Looks good, is it finished yet? I have a PDM bike myself, with PDM logos instead of Concorde. Unfortunately, I had a collision with a car and ruined the fork and also slightly bent the frame, so it is considered a total loss by the bycicle shop I took it to, where they told me it was worth about EURO 175,- But since the bike is pretty rare, especially with PDM stickering, I reckon it’s worth more than that. What do you think?

  4. ray says:

    which rider rode this bike?

    1. Mark Croonen says:

      I was told at the time the bike was one of the spares so it wasn’t used by any of the riders.

  5. Rob says:

    I have a Concorde Astore
    58cm, Campy Chorus I believe of the same vintage(late 1980’s)
    is there a way to get more info on these bikes?
    Please lmk

  6. andre says:

    do they still manufacture concorde bikes??
    I’ve got a CONCORDE AQUILA and it looks like an all alu frame 55cm
    beautiful pearl paint finish with blue blend in
    bought in 2005 as new
    info on this name is very rare

  7. luke says:

    Is your bike ready now ?
    I start the restauration of the concorde pdm 1990 , of former world champion Rudy dhaenens , Belgium .
    Original campagnolo c group with delta brakes .

  8. Steve Ralph says:

    my first “real” racing bike in 1989/1990 was a Concorde PDM – loved it – did all my time trials on it – they were the big Dutch team back then – Sean Kelly?? rode for them then – my favourite riders were Steven Rooks and Gert Theunisse – Dutch of course – then Erik Breukink – this was about the Greg Lemond era – I loved the bikes though and had the PDM jerseys to go with it – Rudy Dhaenens won the World Championships on a Concorde – so this bike of yours is certainly a collectors piece – of course the team ended because there was drug allegations in 1991 – PDM pulled out in 1992

  9. lesly says:

    hi i have a concorde pmd world cup 1988 with everything else campognolo . how much is it supposed to be?

  10. mike says:

    any info? on this? concorde prestige

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